Welcome to AfriClimate AI                    

We are a grassroots community dedicated to harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence for a sustainable, prosperous and climate-resilient Africa. 

Our mission is to create a vibrant community of students, researchers, professionals, and policymakers who collaborate, innovate, and drive forward the development and application of Artificial Intelligence to support regional and continental climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

 Our Guiding Principles

People Centred Approach

We believe that people are at the centre of climate action responses. Thus, grassroots communities must meaningfully participate in developing technologies that are at the core of the transition to a low-emission and resilient future.

Our Commitment to Climate Action

We are deeply committed to combating climate change, acknowledging it as one of the most significant challenges of our time. This commitment is rooted in recognising the unique vulnerabilities and strengths of the African continent. 

Context Awareness

Understanding the specific context of climate change in Africa is central to our mission. The continent faces unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of climate action.


To build a climate-resilient Africa, we need everyone on board - from different fields, levels of experience, and communities


We believe in reproducible research. As a result, we publish our code and data from our research so that others can reproduce and build upon it.

Our Current Initiatives


We organise regular dedicated workshops at leading AI conferences across the African Continent. 

Monthly Webinar Series

The community hosts a monthly Webinar series where leading global and local scholars engage on crosscutting ideas of AI and Climate Science.

Grassroots Led Research

 We actively contribute to the advancement of AI-driven breakthroughs in Climate Science and Sustainability, with a specific focus on ensuring Africa's active participation and contribution to the global research landscape.